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One of the women found in a flat in east London was mother-of-three Mihrican Mustafa

A man accused of murdering two women and storing their bodies in a freezer is a registered sex offender who once “married” a 14-year-old girl, a court has heard.

Zahid Younis, 35, is accused of killing Henriett Szucs and Mihrican Mustafa and hiding their remains, which were discovered at his flat in April 2019.

Prosecutors say he subjected both women to “very significant violence”.

Mr Younis denies two counts of murder at Southwark Crown Court heard.

The defendant, of Vandome Close, Canning Town, had been convicted in May 2007 of unlawful sexual activity with a child, prosecutor Duncan Penny QC said.

Mr Younis met the girl when she was 12-years-old, began a sexual relationship with her a year later, the court heard.

In 2004 – when the girl was 14 – they were “married in an Islamic ceremony” at an east London mosque. She became pregnant with his child the following year.

Mr Penny said: “During that period in her childhood he would often hit her, with his hands and whatever objects were laying around.

“Throughout the period of their relationship his behaviour towards her was controlling and abusive”, jurors were told.

The court heard Mr Younis later pleaded guilty to the sexual offence as well as common assault, receiving a prison sentence of 30 months.

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The bodies of the two women were found at a flat in Vandome Close, Canning Town

After leaving prison, the defendant had started a relationship with a 17-year-old girl who he locked indoors and abused, both physically and sexually.

Jurors were told he had made the girl “wear a burka when her mother and sister visited, to cover the bruises she had all over her body”.

The girl later used a visit to her family’s home to call police, who launched an investigation which led to the defendant being jailed again in 2008.

Mr Younis admitted two offences of wounding and one of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

On that occasion he was sentenced to a total of 4 years and 11 months’ imprisonment.

The trial continues.

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